Since 1978 Darkmen first principle is the absolute customer satisfaction, Starting from apparel and textile industry we started our stores group from Istanbul.Both of our main stores located in the area of 3500m2with own domestic factory since 1999. As well as we started the exportoriented business with a great ambition to be a leader company in it.

Darkmen motto has always been :As long as the quality is always firmly applied in and more innovative and original lines without affecting the quality are created regularly, we are in the lead, those concepts can be seen clearly in our brand Accademia for men and Darkwin for ladies We offer our customers the continuously updated new modern apparelmanufactured by adding and following the latest world fashion concepts in the men and women trends with paying attention to the cultural and location differences. Darkmen textile developments in Technology closely followed by computer aided textile machines as well as the entire production process of weaving and knitting garments to produce a fully integrated facility that reaches annual production capacity over 500 000 units with more than 400 employees in the group and almost zero defect in targeting the world market by our outstanding quality, Darkmen textile today is primarily exporting to Germany, Spain, France, Greece, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan , Russia and The Arabic countries. With exports to more than 29 countries and many stores openedbearing our own name. Our technological creative design teams prepared with great care taking to provide a perfect art modern models productions.Therefore,Human touch aided with the technology is used to generate the luxury of Darkmen textile products . Our team is well motivated and regular personal training events are held to improve their experience and keep our team professionallyfamiliar with the latest trends andtechnology. In all production stages (knitting, weaving, fashioning, steaming, packing, distributing and marketing), our products will pass through a serious and categorical quality control conditionsbefore it is transferred to the finishing department and to our customers. Producing all types of men and women knitwear and cotton with great varieties which allowed usto be a leading company in this industry and became a part of creating trends of it, which is one of theleads that makeus proud. With its whole range of selection processes, DARKMEN textile performs in the most possible accurate and definite methods to provide the elegant proper service and product to the customers from the beginning until the sale and after sale as well. With ansufficient number of trained and experienced employers in DAKRKMEN stores, our sales staff always ensures to deliver friendly and professional service to you, putting the target to satisfy the customers in the best way. Honest, rapidity, high quality, modern and more, all these principles you will find in DARKMEN service and vision. Certificates