DARKMEN opened its first store in Mahmutpasha distrect in 1978, before itgrew and move to Laleli. Since 1993, DARKMEN textile kept growing and serving customers and due to its successful growth and to respond to the market’s needs, concepts and differences, DARKMEN has grown to have three major stores to meet the increased range of products deemed by customers and to develop cunsuming satisfication principle to satisfy the principle of the international market. With its 3000 m2 store in Laleli, Istanbul, DARKMEN served its customers, by the time it was a must to expand and transfer its off-season products, thus finding its outlet shop in Laleli as well. During recent years DARKMEN kept working on exhibiting its understanding of the importance of customers’satisfaction through its Osmanbey branch. By applying its high service concepts, DARKMEN became one of the permant centers in the retail sector, therefore, many stores cooperated and started to bear the name of DARKMEN in many countries in order to deliever the quality and customer satisfaction of DARKMEN textile.

Laleli Stores
Osmanbey Stores