An Experience of more than 30 years in hospitality, DARKMEN decided to transfer it to the service and tourism sector and hotels. DARKMEN first hotel was established in Odessa, Ukraine 2009, due to the huge success, It was followed with two DARKMEN hotels in Laleli, Istanbul, Turkey. The combination of comfort, aesthetics and feasibility that are applied offer the boutique concept in the all hotels. With its remarkable 200 years old building, DARKMEN hotel in Odessa, Ukraine welcomes guests to enjoy the luxury and hospitality in the historical peninsula as well as the DARKMEN hotel in Laleli do by serving market’s customers. Hence, our customers are able to live the history of the old city of Istanbul, with all the beauty of the past and the development and technology of the present. Since DARKMEN friendly and trained staff, DARKMEN started to receive the return of investing in people through its fame in the tourism sector. Due Our unique new building, comforting rooms, quality of service, we won the admiration of our guests. With understanding of leadership and innovation concepts, DARKMEN is determined to continue investing in this field.

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